The Designer



As just an introverted, yet ambitious, young girl from the South side of Savannah, Georgia, I've always had a passion for fashion. Fashion is a form expression. Fashion is art. I found that what I wore helped me 2 express myself in a ways that words never could. My clothing did the speaking for me and with Top Twelve, I'm creating a brand that does just that. A brand that allows individuals 2 boldly make statements and to express your uniqueness by simply entering a room. A brand that allows for the silenced 2 be heard... and the overlooked 2 be seen.        

 TWELVE is a number that represents completeness, perfection and divine authority. The goal is 2 inspire and empower by perpetuating the idea of

self confidence 2 those who wear our bold and custom designs. We hope 2 creatively spark the mind that changes the world all while doing so with style.